Two Levels of Disc Jockey Services


Deluxe Disc Jockey Package

 Super Deluxe Disc Jockey Package


The Right Disc Jockey Is Critical to the Success of your Special Event

Lasting Impressions‘ disc jockeys are knowledgeable professionals with many years of experience. They are properly attired; tuxedos for weddings and suits for all other affairs.

FOR WEDDINGS, we use our Wedding Planner, which are tools that we have developed to help us coordinate and emcee your wedding and/or reception using YOUR specifications. We believe that this is your special day, and you should have considerable input.

FOR PARTIES, we have developed our Party Itinerary to give you ideas for events that will create special moments during your special occasion. You will also have use of our PA system for any need such as speeches or awards ceremonies.

We also provide you with our Music Library to use as a guide in selecting your music. These are songs that have been popular throughout the years, plus we refer to the Billboard 100 charts. We suggest selecting up to 25 songs, in addition to any special dances, to be played throughout your event. If there is a song that you want that is not on this list, you can search our Songlist Database, which is our entire music library, or just download the whole thing in Microsoft Excel. We offer an extensive genre of songs including top 40, rock, country, Motown, big band, standards, disco, hip hop, rap and ethnic music.

Nowadays, a lot of deejays use computers that utilize MP3 files, which compress a file (song) 70%, verses WAV files (cds) that are the most detailed and rich of the digital formats. Because WAV files are uncompressed, they contain more data and produce better, more subtle, and detailed sounds. When using MP3 files, you lose things like harmonic overtones, stereo separation, frequency range and spatiality. Think of it like this, if MP3 is McDonalds, then WAV is a full-course, five-star meal.

In order to ensure the highest quality sound, with our Deluxe and Super Deluxe packages, we use all cds (compact discs) that utilize WAV files. We also have a state-of-the-art sound system, and unlike other deejays that use two small speakers on stands, we use four speakers that include two base speakers. They not only let you hear the music, but feel the music. It’s not that we will “blow out” the crowd, but we have the ability to really crank it up, and our speaker system distinctly separates the base, mid and high frequencies. We also carry a backup PA system in case of emergencies.

So if you want an unforgettable event, go with the company that knows how to show you and your guests the absolute best time. And when the party is over, they’ll be screaming for more! * Packages are based on a four hour reception.