Wedding Planner

wedding planner

When using our disc jockey services, we have developed the following tools that will help us coordinate and emcee your wedding and/or reception using your specifications. We believe that this is your special day, and you should have considerable input.

Suggested Ceremony Music – divided into 5 sections to list: Prelude, Processional, Entrance of Bride, Unity Candle and Recessional music suggestions;

Bridal Party Introduction Sheet – allows you to list the order in which you would like our deejay to announce the introduction of your Bridal Party;

Theme Music For Wedding Couples’ Entrance – in case you would like to be reintroduced at your reception to music other than the traditional Wedding March, such as “The Odd Couple”, “The Brady Bunch”, “The Honeymooners” , “Cops theme” etc.;

Wedding Reception Itinerary Sheet – This form allows us to coordinate all events between you, the banquet manager and our deejay;

Suggested Parent’s Dances – in case you would like to dance with your parents to something other than the traditional “Daddy’s Little Girl” or “A Song For My Son”.