The Entertainer

*only included in the Deluxe and Super Deluxe disc jockey levels

When you’re invited to a wedding reception, the first thing that happens is you’ll be seated at a table with other guests that you don’t know.  This makes most people uncomfortable and that’s why after dessert, there’s usually a mass exodus for the door.

Well, we here at Lasting Impressions got tired of seeing this, so we came up with some techniques that will keep your guests there throughout the entire reception.  The “techniques” include a 60s show, a 70s show, a veteran honor and a bunch of other things that we do to really entertain your guests.  All of this is of course after your formal dinner.  Your family and friends will be talking about how much fun they’ve had and we know this is the ultimate goal for brides and grooms.

For more information, call us at 800-583-2233 to setup an appointment so we can explain this to you in more detail.   We’ll also show you some video clips to get the full concept.