How to Pick a Stretched Limousine

What exactly does a “10 Passenger Limousine” or a “14 Passenger Limousine” mean?  You shouldn’t ask a limousine company for a vehicle’s capacity, because a lot of companies lie about the size of their vehicles. You should ask “What size is the stretched limousine”?

When a coachbuilder cuts a vehicle in half to make a limousine, the size of the stretch (not including the trunk or the hood) determines the capacity of the vehicle. The coachbuilder has based the capacity on a 140 lb. person, and they are as follows:

  • A 10 passenger is a 120 inch stretch
  • A 12 passenger is a 140 inch stretch
  • A 14 passenger is a 180 inch stretch
  • A 20 passenger is a 200 inch stretch (this is when you start getting into the stretched SUVs)

Another thing companies lie about is the YEAR of their vehicle.  You can find out the year of a vehicle on Public Service Commission’s Website  (companies that do business in Maryland have to be registered with PSC; not applicable to Pennsylvania or DC) Click on “Get Carrier”, it will bring up all of the registered carriers, then go at top to “Edit”, then “Find”.  You then want to put in text that is distinct (telephone number, address, PSC number, etc.) to the company you are checking on.  Once you find the company, click on “Get Vehicle List”.  This will list all of the vehicles they have and their years.

Do your own research so you don’t get scammed.