2017 8 Passenger Transit Luxury Van

Our 2017 8 passenger Ford Transit Luxury Van from Royale Limousine Manufacturers, features luxury seating and a range of comfort options. Built into every Transit Coach is their engineering excellence. All Royale Transit vans are QVM approved and subjected to rigorous testing, ensuring that they meet or exceed all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). Luxurious options included are as follows:
• 19” Trieste Luxury Black Diamond Pattern Seating
• Reclining Seats Except Rear Row
• Dual USB Charging Ports at Each Row
• Single CD Player with 11″ Flip Down DVD Player
• Cupholders at Each Row
• Durable Transit Manor Oak Flooring
• Rear Luggage Barrier
• Ford Transit 350 148” with XLT & Wheel Package
• Interior Upgrade Trim Package
• OEM Lighting; Interior Dome Lights

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