2015 Super-Stretched Suburban with Gull-Winged Door


  • Double-thick steel chassis frames–high strength, tubular design
  • All-steel frame and body panels–custom handcrafted
  • RGB LED coach lights 4 strip per post standard
  • High-quality automotive vinyl top, mohawk style
  • Single laminated glass, one piece
  • Full length reinforced side steps with Duraliner grip finish
  • Dual OEM 130+ amp alternators with secondary Interstate Deep Cycle battery
  • Heavy duty custom suspension front and rear


  • Two-tone leatherette seating
  • Premium sound system (Sony head unit with one amplifier and 8 total speakers)
  • Smart Coach GUI electrical control system — no manual buttons
  • Kenwood head unit and Limo touch control module mounted in rear bar
  • Pearl white acrylic bars, mirror throughout, star pattern fiber optics
  • Full-length 1/4″ fiber piping recessed inside of bar tops
  • Acrylic flute holders with halo back-lighting
  • Double-level full length mirrored ceiling with fiber optic star pattern and surrounding halo lights
  • Stainless steel champagne buckets, decanter holders, crystal decanters and rock and flute glassware standard throughout
  • Dual 15.0″ + 9×1″ or 9”x 5 LCD TV’s
  • DVD player and tuner with remote
  • Video system integrated into stereo
  • Driver/passenger partition, mirrored separator with fiber optic pattern
  • Colored dual fiber optic boxes
  • Wavy head rails with fiber optic piping
  • LED interior lights

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